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An Early Warning For Diabetic Feet

Every 30 seconds in the world there is a foot or toe amputation directly caused by diabetic nerve damage called Peripheral Neuropathy and amputation shortens 5-year life expectancy to less than that for some important cancers. Peripheral Neuropathy develops gradually, slowly causing toes and feet to become numb. If you are numb you will no longer feel a tiny shard of glass or small stone in your foot. You probably won’t even realise you are numb though nerve damage just makes the healing process deteriorate and easily allows minor injuries to become ulcers. Trivial injuries can lead to amputation.

The Big Problem: Patients with diabetes are urged to inspect their foot health daily for early signs of skin damage BUT FEW APPRECIATE THE RELATIONSHIP IT HAS WITH DIABETIC PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY. Patients with diabetes should be able to test for the earliest stages of neuropathy to find out if they they are developing a significant risk. Now they can. This simple test takes seconds, is easy to do on your own at home and costs pennies.

Early diagnosis with The Diabetic Toes Test by Medipin could save lives and limbs just through increased awareness and using this simple monthly test.  All you do is touch the big toe once with a Medipin to check you can feel a sharp sensation and record the result. Medipin is designed to feel very sharp without piercing the skin. Easy! Why wait? Get the toes test NOW!

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