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Every 20 seconds there is a diabetes related amputation which might have been avoided.

The Diabetic Toes Test by Medipin is easy to perform at home before your regular check-up helping flag an early warning of nerve damage in the feet.  Early diabetic neuropathy can be reversed and serious complications can be avoided.

Designed To Optimize Pinprick Perception Without Piercing Delicate Skin

Use Medipin For:

  • Superior pinprick acuity

  • Advanced infection control

  • Precision handling and efficiency

  • Disposability

  • Unrivalled convenience

Get straight to the point, always insist on Medipin…


The Diabetic Toes Test by Medipin - For self-care and preventative care Home-testing for diabetic peripheral neuropathy. 

Silent numbness due to nerve destruction is common in diabetic skin where loss of a sense of pain, often called pinprick sensation, can lead to ulcers and amputation due to a failure to notice even tiny injuries.

 The Diabetic Toes Test by Medipin provides an early warning you can now perform at home, before your regular checkup, to help identify when feet have developed the beginnings of diabetic nerve damage.  It takes seconds once a month and costs cents using a Medipin - a disposable tool chosen by health professionals every day and designed to be kind to delicate skin.


Why choose the Diabetic Toes Test by Medipin?

Healthy feet are able to warn us of injury because specialised nerves in the skin transmit painful signals of sharpness and hot or cold to monitor their surroundings constantly.  Their role is to sense potential harm from even the smallest hazard like a fragment of glass, rubbing shoes or stepping on a tack. 


When these particular nerves are damaged the skin can become numb so gradually that the feet may not detect an injury has even taken place.  This is called Loss Of Protective Sensation or LOPS and tends to develop progressively. This is an important concern in diabetes especially because even small injuries can be stubborn to heal and if undiagnosed Loss Of Protective Sensation can lead to more serious complications such as diabetic foot ulcers and amputation of toes and feet.  

These pain sensitive nerves are the smallest in the feet and diabetes tends to damage them before any others.   Most importantly, with the correct medical guidance it can be reversed.

For the earliest diagnosis testing the feet for sharp or pinprick sensation is essential although LOPS is tested only once a year at the annual diabetes check up.  Why wait? Why not test for Loss Of Protective Sensation easily at home before the annual check-up?  Test once a month in seconds and for a few cents using The Diabetic Toes Test by Medipin.  Tried and tested in US hospitals Medipin is the disposable precision instrument designed to test for sharp sensation and healthy nerves without piercing the skin. Ideal for patients with diabetes.

‘Do the right test, do the test right, use the instrument of choice’


Help & Information

For more information on diabetic foot care just visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's feature "Diabetes and Your Feet" by clicking here.  There is also excellent advice on Foot Care provided by The American Diabetes Association if you visit their website.


Several other sites offer very helpful tips on diabetic footsore such as the American Podiatric Association's information sheet or from The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons and also from the Joslin Diabetes Center website and The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) have a superb page on Diabetic Foot Problems.


The Diabetic Toes Test by Medipin - For self-care and preventative care Home-testing for diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The early warning to help protect against loss of protective sensation - Peripheral neuropathy causes loss of sensation and increases the risk of ulceration of the feet.


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